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Portfolio Management

Why a Managed Portfolio?

You have a lot on your plate. One of the most valuable assets any Model has is their portfolio. From choosing what goes in it, what should be added to it, araging, printing and posting there are a ton of details that need to be covered. This is where Portfolio Management comes in. You get advice on the direction of your portfolio. You have priority access to my shooting schedule for portfolio work (especially "head shots"). I design, print and maintain your portfolio for both physical and digital representation. I help you quickly build up your portfolio so you can better advertise yourself and book more. Unload the massive responsibility of maintaining a successful portfolio and focus on your growth as a model.

Whats Included?

Do I have to use you as my photographer?

Portfolio Management in no way requires using my photography. However, it is always available to you and often useful to build quick filler for a small portfolio.


Portfolio Management is priced at a flat annual fee of $500.